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MISTerious river by LaRoseDePetitPrince


Okay, so there was a review of this book about bourbon in the Washington Post today, and it included this classic line:

"the Spaniard Ramon Llull’s medieval discovery of distilled spirits provided a “faster and far more efficient way to get … absolutely [expletive]-faced” and observes that during the American Civil War, bourbon-drinking Union troops “partied their federal asses off.”

That is all.

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First Lieutenant Abner Doubleday of future Civil War and mistakenly baseball fame posing with Mexican civilians during the Mexican-American War, near Saltillo, c. 1847. One of the few photographs from the Mexican-American War that features an identifiable person.

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Why was the National Mall important during the Civil War?

During the Civil War, Washington was busy with activity in the Capitol, the White House, and directly on the Mall. To defend the city from attack, the Union Army established a headquarters near the White House and Union troops were present on the Mall from 1860 to 1865. The military built temporary facilities on the Mall to house, feed, care for, and supply thousands of troops stationed in Washington and for wounded coming in from Virginia battlefields….

Learn more at Histories of the National Mall.

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"Union troops living in the Capitol made a mess and disrupted all who worked in its offices. As many as 4,000 soldiers and dumped food in meeting rooms, broke furniture, infested the Senate chamber with lice, turned hallways into latrines, and swung on ropes suspended from the open dome. Smells and smoke filled the halls from a bakery in the basement where 170 bakers and 20 ovens produced more than 58,000 loaves each month."

swung on ropes suspended from the open dome

Don’t you people have to go fight in a war or something?

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“Waking Up” by Mariska Boertjens

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A group of Union Zouaves posing around a makeshift mess table, Fort Monroe, 1861. By George Stacy. Animated stereoview.


5th New York Infantry, Duryee’s Zouaves. Great stereoview, thanks for animating it!

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