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The women of Orange is the New Black for Emmy magazine

i just died a little fucking bit



the life



Abandoned House Outside Rutherfordton, NC [3264x1840][OC]

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[3/52] Yellow

Here is my take on the color yellow.

This picture is 7 pictures put together:
2 pictures for me. Since I was the one holding the remote for the camera shutter, I had to pose myself with the remote in each hand so I could use the ones with the open hand.
And 5 pictures for the sheets. I bought this twin flat sheet at a thrift store for $3 specifically for this photograph. It only covered so much space, so I had to position it on one side, flick it in the wind, then repeat on the other side. I then composited those โ€œflicksโ€ together into one big sheet of movement.

A lot of photographs were taken for this, but having my dad as a peanut gallery/watch dog/audience member, I managed to get what I needed and leave within an hour. Not to mention the entire day I waited for this perfect sunset light.

I hope you like this as much as I do.

Free is the bird without a cage.

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